CSC VLE RedBus Contest

CSC VLE RedBus Contest Offers to Earn Rewards

CSC VLE RedBus Contest: Your Journey, Your Rewards! Are you a CSC VLE ready to elevate your travel and earn exciting rewards simultaneously? Look no further! The CSC VLE RedBus Contest is here to make your travel experiences even more thrilling! Whether you’re a newly on-boarded VLE or an existing one, fantastic rewards are waiting for you.

CSC VLE RedBus Contest Offers

Terms and Conditions for CSC VLE RedBus Contest Offers

To make the most of this contest, keep these key terms and conditions in mind:

  1. Minimum Transaction Value: Ensure that the fare for each transaction is above 500 INR to qualify for the rewards.
  2. Reward Qualification: Rewards are applicable only for successfully booked tickets. Complete your transactions to guarantee your well-deserved earnings.
  3. Payout Details: You will get your rewards in your Digipay wallet in the first week of February 24. Mark your calendar and get ready to enjoy the fruits of your travel bookings.

How to get RedBus Contest rewards

CSC VLE RedBus Contest

Log in to CSC Safar

  • Each transaction brings you 20 INR in rewards.
  • Ensure that the fare for each transaction exceeds 500 INR to qualify.
  • Rewards are exclusively for successfully booked tickets.
  • Mark your calendar for the first week of February 24 – that’s when your well-deserved payout will arrive.
Ayushman Card Operator ID Registration
DigiPay Lite Login, Register, KYC & Download

New VLEs: Unlock Rewards with Your First 3 Transactions!

Great news for our newest members of the CSC family! If you’ve just joined, congratulations! We’ve got a special treat for you. For your first three transactions, you’ll receive a fantastic reward of 50 INR each. It’s like a welcome gift to kickstart your journey and enjoy the perks of being part of the CSC community.

Existing VLEs: Multiply Your Rewards by Booking 10+ Transactions!

For our experienced members, we’ve designed something special too. If you’re already familiar with the ropes, here’s your chance to multiply your rewards. Every transaction above 500 INR earns you an enticing reward of 20 INR. The more transactions you make, the more rewards you collect. It’s a win-win situation that turns your travel bookings into a significant source of earnings. So, let those rewards stack up as you continue your travel adventures!

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